Dance Spirit Magazine

    U.S. Nationwide Release | October 2013

    I had the honor of sharing my journey with So You Think You Can Dance, China, Season 1 with October 2013 edition of Dance Spirit Magazine. See more here!

    Dance For Peace

    Nairobi, Kenya | November 2016

    I was invited to teach workshops, perform, as well as collaborate with local artists as part of a “Dance for Peace” festival. This festival and all related activities were organized by Wanayran Angerer and “Moving Cultures” to promote unity through diversity and through art.

    Millennium Dance Complex

    Shanghai, China | January 2018

    It was a joy to perform with my brother and showcase a piece of choreography for the official opening of MDC China.

    Counting Stars

    Shanghai, China | April 2014

    After a rainy week in Shanghai, while preparing for the finale of SYTYCD China, Season 2, the sun finally came out! We had a joyful time dancing in the sunshine.


    Postulate One

    Shanghai, China | December 2013

    I directed and choreographed a "Ride My Bike Around the World" Flash Mob to to welcome journalists Morgan and Chris of Postulate One to Shanghai. These journalists spent 22 months riding their bicycles from Paris to Shanghai traversing 24,000 km through 22 countries.The flash mob featured 20 dancers from 7 countries; United States, China, Ukraine, Spain, Russia, Germany and France. Check out PostulateOne.com to read more about their epic adventures!

    Find A Way

    Beijing, China | April, 2014

    In the audition round for SYTYCD China, Season 2, a jazz funk dancer from Beijing asked me to choreograph a jazz solo for him. He knew working with me would be risky in that he would only have two days to rehearse a piece of choreography in an unfamiliar style but decided he wanted a challenge and wanted to learn. After he got cut from the show, the solo was something he wanted to continuing working on and eventually film. This is the result.